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I’ve been in the darkest cave for years embracing tightly all my dark secrets. One day I saw the sun rays. I found the path of freedom and that’s how  reached here. Now my secrets shimmer like glitters. I’m here to sprinkle my hidden glitters over you all.


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  1. Thank you for the follow 😊
    My life (and love ❤️ life) are both very spicy 🌶 hence the reason we have found each other 💞 I ‘m happily following back. Sweet n sour is the best spice of life 😍

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      1. I’m sure writing and blogging it seems if you do 1 you probably do the other but I blog but don’t write books. I try writing poetry sometimes but sounds like you have a busier schedule than I do.

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    1. The link of the badge of the nerdy poet challenge is given in the post. You just need to download the badge and save it as the featured image of your posts and give the hashtag #nerdypoet. That’s all😊

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      1. It’s on your site. I checked your poem. You didn’t put the hashtag. Please add it and update it again so that it can be included as the challenge poem. Best of luck for the challenge!

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      1. Okie dokie. I’m Asian so I’ll make spicy traditional food items for you. Hope you’d like to have them. You should start swimming 😂😂😂


  2. I don’t write books….I’m too young and immature for that….but I write poems, randomly….I don’t think I’ve a busier schedule but I need to give my max time on studies☺


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