Her first make-up box

She’s 15 now. A teenager with her dreams unfulfilled but she won’t let them to be buried always. They will come out one day, and shine like a diamond. She dreams to be a model.

                    In her imaginary world she has become the page 3 model. Lights, cameras, dresses and…..make-up. Yup, she loves make-up. It hides her tiny little spots on her cheeks, broadens and brightens her eyes, make her blush even though her crush “Zayn Mallik” is not in front her and makes her lips look like the petals of the most beautiful flower in the world.

                    Yeah, she loves lipsticks. But her mother didn’t allow her to put it on when she was a kid. Kids shouldn’t touch their momma ‘s make-up. But yes, whenever her momma went for shopping and left her at home, she could never leave the chance….she went in front of the mirror, took the Crimson red lipstick and brush it on her little lips until it covers every corner. Most of the time the lipstick went out of the border, she felt like a failure artist, rubbed it off from her lips with her little dress and applied it again. Her grandma never prohibited her to touch her daughter’s precious things, rather she helped to hide all her granddaughter’s crimes.

            It’s her birthday. She’ll be on her sweet sixteen. The two arrows in the clock came the closest and pointed at “12”.

            “Happy birthday to you
             Happy birthday to you
            Happy birthday to dear Sia
            Happy birthday to you”.

Mom and dad sang together. Grandma wasn’t among them anymore. The candles blew off. She cut the cake. Now it’s time for birthday gift!!! Mom is smiling, Dad seems to not know about the gift but guessing. She struggled with the rapper for sometime, and then…..surprise!!!!

               A box containing brushes, color palettes, Kajol, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and her favourite…..lipstick. She looked at her mom, her eyes so shiny and big she didn’t need to put on liner, her cheeks so glowing she didn’t need a blusher. Her mom  said, “your lips look pale, put on the lipstick, go, hurry up!”
She took the lipstick and rushed to the mirror. She was looking beautiful in her birthday dress. She opened the lipstick cap, turned the lower segment of it, the Crimson color wax stick came out…..

    She applied it so perfectly this time❤


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