Do you love me?

​I’m in the middle of gossips

When you think I won’t notice
You stare at me like I’m a rare species
You don’t know I’ve seen your eyes

This is the moment when our eyes meet
I’ve forgotten what I was talking about
You were looking at me the entire time throughout
Now you think, “she caught me, shit

Don’t worry, I love the way you look at me
Feels like there’s a lot of thing you wanna tell me
And the things are secrets, you only wanna tell me
The more you’re desperate, the more you stare at me

Wish you’ve dared to be with me alone
One or two hours would be enough
You’d tell me your secret stuff
I’d tell you mine, all these days I have them own

Please hold my hand when you’re confessing to me
Don’t panic, my eyes have already told you “yes” secretly
If you’ve already read my dreamy eyes, those dream about you only
Come closer and whisper in my ears, “Do you love me?”


16 thoughts on “Do you love me?

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      1. Now you can relate the things! Those things in the poem actually happened but Idk why…..I felt his eyes on me, staring so long….but it only happened for 5-6 months. Then slowly reduced. Now the eye contacts are quite less, but the care is more😊
        Thanks for coming back on this post again❤

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