We were single weirdos then

​We three besties…

Named our group “bad bitches”;
We didn’t care what others said;
We were single weirdos then.

We didn’t dream about cute boys,
Boys didn’t dream about us,
We used to spend Valentine’s day together;
We were single weirdos then.

We traveled by bus, half an hour journey it was,
Used to talk shit, irritating all the passengers;
Reached the river side at 4pm, lot of couples visited the place,
But we were single weirdos then.

Took a bench where the breeze comes to cuddle with us;
Laughing, singing, gossiping…our voice reached their peaks;
The couples beside us left with anger;
We were single weirdos then.

We started talking about sex
Browser is in hand, searching for XXX
Lowered the volume, we’re screaming “hawwww see that d!€#”
We were fucking single weirdos then.

Done with those shit, we’re damn hungry
3 plates of gravy momos, that is damn tasty
Then 3 glasses of lime soda, we came back to home at 8pm
We were the happiest single weirdos then.

One day, one bitch got engaged
Another bitch got engaged too, alone…only one remained.
They think their darlings are their soulmate, we once called them fuck boys
We were single weirdos then.

The bitches have no time for the lonely one
They chat only with their love, our group chat is all done
We once used to send voice messages
We were single weirdos then.

We still love each other, there’s no doubt,

But now we don’t take selfies with pout,

So we just wander in our gallery, and remind those days we clicked the pics;

We were single weirdos then. 


5 thoughts on “We were single weirdos then

Add yours

      1. And they will if they are best friends..

        There was four of us growing up… we were inseparable…

        Now we are all over different parts of the globe…

        But we still call .. chat.. whenever possible.. and one year we all planned a vacation together to meet back home 🏡..
        what a glorious week that was ..

        We grow.. we progress.. we have different lives..,

        But we remain friends.. forever


      2. Me and my best friends planned to have a Goa tour together when we were younger. Time changed and we became a little separated from each other. A week before….we planned to meet at a park and one of them mentioned about the Goa tour….I got a relief that they haven’t forgotten

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