In remembrance of him

I still remember the day when I saw that guy…

I remember, I saw his brown eyes in the first place

Not exactly brown, it seemed like the color of honey

I liked those eyes.

I remember, his complexion was fair

Not so much, but just like medium to fair complexion

I wanted to touch his skin.

I remember, I keenly observed his lips

Those had a pinkish color, seemed he hasn’t ever smoked yet

I really wanted to kiss those lips.

I remember, I saw a little mole on his neck

It was a light brown mole on his fair skin

I wanted to place a kiss on that mole.

I remember, when he asked me my name

I heard his voice

His voice felt like a music I always wanted to hear

I wanted him to talk with me, always.

I remember, I saw everything perfect in him

I remember, I also saw some imperfections in him too

Like, his short height, like, his dark circles, like, some other stuffs which others call imperfect 

I loved those imperfections 

I wonder If he had ever observed me like this.

If he had ever seen my eyes staring at him.

If he had ever seen a smile at the corner of my lip whenever he’s in front of me.

If he had ever seen the redness on my cheeks whenever he called my name.

If he had ever seen my little perfections.

If he had ever seen my huge imperfections.

Still if he had ever liked my flaws.

I wonder, if he had ever loved me 

With all my perfections and imperfections 

Like I did…


8 thoughts on “In remembrance of him

Add yours

      1. I never kept it.. so I don’t remember the words..

        I wrote it for someone…
        Frame it and give it to him…


        I’m going to try to recreate it.. and post it for you

        Liked by 1 person

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