As the seed sprouted 

​     It’s one of those typical rainy days. The roads are wet, humidity is at its peak. For couples it’s a romantic weather, for workaholic people it’s too bad to travel, it’s not like they can’t go out of their home but when they’re all dressed up and ready to go office, the raindrops just spoil their well-ironed clothes. Such a heck! Well, there’s no way for school goers!

           The bell rings…hundreds of children comes out of the main gate. A little boy is struggling among his classmates, his bag gets stuck to the crowd. The bag seems heavier than its carrier, but he’s pretty used to such weight. After struggling for sometime he finally found out his grandpa waiting for him with an umbrella.

              Walking to the way to home the boy talks about all his deeds and misdeeds of the day to his grandpa. The old man gives his opinions, scolds him as he splashes the rain water with his legs but so mildly that it somehow encourages him to do it again.

           Suddenly his eyes went on a little thing among the grasses on the footpath. A thing so negligible to others but caught his attention as it seemed to him brighter than its surroundings. As he leaves his grandpa and runs to the opposite footpath, he hears the old man giving him those mild comments which he doesn’t care at all.

            When the old man reaches to the footpath, he sees two bright green leaves placed on a soft green stem. The leaves are holding little droplets of rain and moves slowly back and forth by the multidirectional wind of the rainy season. As he sees the curiosity blooming on the little boys face, he says, “the seed has just sprouted, it’s as little as you’re”.

        The second day the boy is too desperate to see the little green guy. He’s seen the leaves waving him goodbye when he was leaving. He loves the green color, he’s named it “Greeny“. As he comes out of the gate, he continuously forces the old man to go to his new friend. He walks fast, almost running, the old man again gives his useless comments. He is only 1 meter away from his friend when, suddenly, a bicycle gets slipped on the slippery road and is driven on the footpath….smashing Greeny. When he arrives, the leaves were lying dead on the grass.

                       The little boy has cried all the day, icecream haven’t been able to stop his tears. Grandpa describes all the incidents to his mom and dad. It was a sad end of his friendship.

               The next day, he hasn’t gone to school. Grandpa comes back from market and tells him that he’s bought something special for him….seeds. The little face blooms again as they plant the seeds on the ground of their home. The boy stares at the grounded seeds, waiting for them to sprout. The grandpa says to his son, “We better make him a botanist than an engineer”.


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