Value of his sweat

​The old man is 85 years old

Still he earns money, he paints homes

He has 4 sons, everyone earns a lot

But no one has time to spend with his father.

He recently has lost his wife

Who was his life

So now he just lives life, because he has to

And he doesn’t want to finish it by his hands.

His wife was the person

He trusted the most

He loved the most

She was the one who took care of his health.

Now that she has passed away

No one asks if he has taken some food

His rib cages are now visible from outside

His eyes have sunk into the little caves.

And the wives of the 4 sons have put chains on their necks

So may be, they want to, but can’t take care of their gather

And the old man works hard

To forget his sorrows

To forget his loses

To forget the life without his wife

And makes a little money

And the 4 women waits

For the old man’s death

To make those money of their own

Those money

Soaked with his sweat

They care about his sweat.


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