Learn actually 

​I have learnt 

To love those people

Who really worth my love.

I have learnt

To forgive those people

Who don’t know to appriciate my love.

And I’ve learnt

To keep calm

To see the true faces

To trust the true personalities

To love the true hearts.

I’ve learnt

To kiss life, embrace it

And feel every moment of it

With a smile.


8 thoughts on “Learn actually 

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  1. این قافله ی عمرعجب میگذرد دریاب دمی که با طرب میگذرد
    ساقی غم فردای حریفان چه خوری پیش آرپیاله را که شب میگذرد
    The caravan of life shall always pass
    Beware that is fresh as sweet young grass
    Let’s not worry about what tomorrow will amass
    Fill my cup again, this night will pass, alas.

    sweet poem, keep it up!

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