​I’m standing on the road full of thorns

I can’t see the end
And I’m so lonely in this dark road
I start to run with my bare feet anyway.

I see some papers on the side of the road
My name is written onto it
And there’s a lot of red markings
I failed my final exams.

I tear the paper and start to run again
I’m ashamed of my failure
I see my parents on the other side of the road
They are shouting, “Leave our home!”

I keep running, as far as I can
I’m crying hard, my breath has stuck to somewhere
And then I see the bitches of my school
Laughing and yelling at me, “fat, ugly, not a boy’s choice”.

I scream, “stop“, and run as fast as I can
My legs hurt and I feel them bleeding
Then I see “the love of my life
Finally I can stop and have some relief

But then I see a girl comes and hugs him
He kisses her and tells her, “I love you
The girl looks just like my best friend
My heart has stopped at this point.

I can’t take this anymore
My mind is numb, I struggle to walk on my legs
I can see the end of the road now
Only a few more steps away.

Lots of trees on the two sides of the road
Rope loops are hanging from them
And the smell of rotten flesh comes from the woods
The sadness screams in the silence here.

A gate fastened with a big lock
A notice written with big letters, “You are not allowed to go out of the border”
And then I see the name of the road
I realise, I’m stucked onto the road of “Nightmare“.

I wanna wake up, I don’t wanna end my life in the rope loops

Those things I faced on the road hurts for sure, but are not the reasons to die

I’m gonna break the lock one day, I’ll cherish the freedom

I’ll travel on the roads of happy dreams again, which are covered by petals of cherry blossoms.


25 thoughts on “Roads

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  1. Poems are a form of art. And when we perfect our art with our imperfections, it becomes pricelessly irreplaceable. Because it’s a insight into our minds and hearts. Any ‘polishing up’ you try to do, to make it more socially readable, would make it lose your touch. So, carry on doing what you do, without insecurity!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll always keep your advice in mind. Your are really very greatful to me. Feel free to give feedbacks on my future posts anytime. I need such motivators like you a lot!!!😊❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t think anyone would analyse my poem in such a way. I myself got deep into thoughts while making “Roads”. Maybe use of words and narration could be better, but I’m glad that you like the way I’ve represented “Roads”

      Your comment is indeed very precious to me. Thank you so much for letting me know about your thoughts on “Roads”❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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