In the Parallel universe 

​If really…

The parallel universe exists

Would you like to see

How is your twin

Who didn’t belong to

The womb you belonged?

I’m talking about

That “yourself” in the

Parallel universe.

How would you

Like to see

Your twin?

If you ask

About me

I would like

To see “Her

As an alcoholic

As a psycho

As a dumb student

As a hopeless lover

As a manner-less person

As a depressed person

As a coward one

As a crybaby

As a selfish one

As a “Sad” one. 

You know what I mean?

It’s the parallel universe.

May be I possess

Some qualities

Which I wanna see

In my twin.

And I know

Right now my twin is

A jolly girl

A social butterfly

A loveable person

A “Happy” person.

I’d like to tell you,

My parallel twin

That I’m a strong girl

And very soon

You’ll be a person

Just as I want.


18 thoughts on “In the Parallel universe 

Add yours

  1. Deeply profound.
    Honestly, I think I’m in the process of finding my opposite me and I’m really beginning to like her – maybe it’s something I’ve always needed.

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  2. It will make us relate more to ourselves via that other twin… looking at it we may know how others perceive us, what is it that others may not find good or which quality is more endearing….the ‘other’ person here is us only! So in a way we would know more about ourselves…since we cant observe anything about us… it’s like if we are spending a lot of time with someone or something we overlook the flaws…or get so accustomed to it that we cant even find anything wrong in it. At this point someone else only can make us realize it. Same thing here, if we meet our twin, we will be the ‘other person’ judging us better! ….oops it became a long comment i guess !! 🤔 But the idea was so intriguing so couldn’t help! 😊…and btw thanks for following!

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