The dark journey 

His body trembles like earthquake 

Sweat is all over his skin

He loses the warmth every moment little by little

And suddenly he sees darkness all over

He’s frightened, has he become blind?

He sees nothing, and also feels nothing

No warmth, no coldness

Not the burning he once felt in his throat

So, has his body recovered?

But what was he suffering from?

Now he sees a blur image

The view slowly starts to become clearer

He sees a large gate

He has to go inside, an unknown journey starts from here

A wider dry land, rarely one or two shrubs he can see

As he walks further, he sees large big rocks all over the ground

And he sees a man sitting beside a big rock

He runs to him, the man must know about the name of this place

He sees the man, vomiting blood

“Let me take you to the hospital, do you know which way is it?”

“Go away, leave me alone”
, the man hardly says

Each rock is owned by a person

He goes to everybody, asks for help

One screams for water; other is burned from head to toe, sobbing still

He runs, as far as he can, why is this place so horrible

And suddenly he hears a scream coming from that rock, the voice so familiar to him

He rushes to the rock, he sees his mother

Screaming with all her strength. “Tell me, where do you feel such pain ma?”

She can say nothing, she points out to the rock on which something is roughly written 

“I killed my husband with his friend’s help as he found out about our illegal affairs”

He says nothing, he leaves his sinful mother

Walks all the way, leaving more people screaming and crying

And he finds a rock, owned by none

“I swallowed poison to attempt suicide”
, he gives a fake smile seeing this written onto the rock

And his throat, starts to burn again, so all his body as well

Like he’s poisoned again, the pain is unbearable

But the pain would never see its end, it’d last forever

And he’d be living with the poison for the infinity and beyond

Screaming, crying like the other residents in here

he falls on the ground; his long journey ends

His eyes full of tears, body full of pain, he sees fire in the sky of HELL.


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      1. Omg didn’t intended to hurt you😔….but I spend my leisure time to write my blogs, I’m a student so always busy in studies, plus exams are coming. So I mentioned my free time, don’t mind😌💛


  1. To hell you say! Well written story. This was a different take on a subject that frightens so many. When I read “attempted suicide” I envisioned a completely different ending.

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      1. Omg I think that’s a too good feeback to my post!😱…I don’t think I deserve that much!!! Some of my lovely followers have said that Dante Inferno would be proud of this writing😂… too much for the post. I’m just so glad that I depicted all the scenarios in readers mind. Thanks a lot😊❤

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      2. No you deserve it all! Even better!!
        Dante Inferno! 🤔 Haven’t read any of his works till now!! Must be great thats why your readers said that 👍Now i will try to read it as well…thanks for adding to my knowledge!! Your writing is pretty lucid and readers are drawn to it with images automatically getting sketched in mind! Which speaks of good work! 👍and the dark theme also reminds me of another fellow blogger who writes on similar lines and is amazing!! You should check that blog too..i am sure you will like it!

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      3. Oh my my!!!! Ok then you are already familiar with her work!! 😊 Two awesome people knowing each other…. gives me so much excitement! 😁 … No the honor is all mine!! 😊😊

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      4. I need to say you’re such an amazing talker😄. I mean I’m really amazed by your kindness! 😊From the day I’ve started blogging I’ve only met amazing people with big big hearts😌. And you’re indeed one of them✌. And why not? People who have skills to write down their heart are always with big hearts😊❤💛

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      5. Omg…omg….omg!!! 😵😵😵 *pinched myself* … ouch!…. not dreaming for sure!! 😮😮 These 6 sentences are going to stay with me for a very very long time!! Pity that wordpress doesn’t give an option to save favourite comments…im writing this down to treasure it forever! Today is going to be the awesomest day of my blogging career! I got another similar comment early on and now this!!! I have also met some of the most awesome and very talented people here!! You being amongst them! Storehouse of talent! You deserve every bit of appreciation out there and much more!!! Lap it up!!! 😊 Thanks for making my day!!

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      6. You’re a very sweet person by heart. You just express so much love to the writings of me and chaos-xd 😊. I’m a brand new blogger but I didn’t expect this much love to my writings😄. I also informed chaos-xd about having such an awesome follower like you😀. She’d also show her gratitude (which is obvious) to you whenever she sees my comment.😁 you actually made my day💛


      7. oh that’s so nice of you!!! <3!!! You actually did that!!! woww…. 🙂 I am so humbled right now…no words can explain!!! A good person at heart attracts all the goodness in the world like a bee is attracted to a flower's scent..that's the case with you. Your writing and your words are so full of genuine emotions that they will attract lots of love wherever they go! I just let it out if I really feel touched by anything. Infact I mentioned this in another blog comment as well! … if anything deserves appreciation then why to mince words?!! 🙂 🙂 . Keep up the great work! Looking for more! (again a long comment…uff!! 😦 )

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      8. 😁 ok so now i can comment guilt-free! 😛😛
        I cant believe you actually conveyed it to chaos-xd!!! 😊 so considerate of you!! Restores my fact that there are indeed such selfless, humble, sweet and good-hearted people in this world! Both of you are so awesome and talented and most importantly so humble!!!! Stay blessed!! …

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      9. I think you’re more humble than us😄 how can someone say such great words! I’m really happy to get known to you. And yes, comments are more than awards to me, I just treasure them, so you can do it without guilt. Much love Sifar💙

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      10. Im humbled right now!! Blogging never felt so good. i just say whatever comes to the heart…without any filters! 😊 it’s the lovely people like you who are the real drivers behind these words which i write. I am glad to know you too! My philosophy is there are two kinds of people in this world – those who bring out the best in you and then those who bring out the worst in you! One should consider himself very lucky if he is able to find someone from first category because those are the ones which really can transform a person and make him all positive and happy! I think i found my first category! 😊
        I do agree… comments matter a lot!! I re-read a comment sometimes multiple times and it gives so much pleasure each time..and whole day passes in happiness! It lifts the mood tremendously! So i can understand your feelings. Keep spreading the love! (another long comment..but with no guilt this time! 😁)


      11. This comment you wrote from tge bottom of your heart almost made me cry😭✌….now it’s like my posts are incomplete if there’s no comment of yours Sifar!!!😭😭😭
        Much love….lots of love….love love love❤💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

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      12. Here is a secret! If you find my long comments on any post of yours or of anyone then that means it had something which really touched my heart. Because if that happens then i let go of my emotions in the form of words! Cant control! And at the sametime i am skeptical too that it may be taken as if i am doing flattery or exaggerating but trust me i do not! Whatever i write is always from the heart! And if there are no comments and just a like then it means i did like it but not touched by it! 😊 I have loved your posts a lot! Keep it up! Waiting for next one!

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      13. My exams are coming so it’s quite tough making a good post…may be you won’t like the next one😅….but I’ve quite a little planned about it. Let’s see when I can post✌

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      14. Omg!! 😱😱….how can just 5 words manage to dispel away those lowly feelings and flood you with extreme ecstasy and joy…..THIS is the perfect answer to it!!! These words are going to be forever etched into my memory and heart! So touched!! You are an inspiration to me!! Cant say much now as words fail me…and no emoticon can describe the feelings…

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      15. I wouldn’t believe you if you said words fail you. Among them comments I’ve fallen in love in WordPress it’s you and crownlessxx who amaze me with how beautifully you’ll draft your comments!

        I use forget the whole appreciation part and be like damn.. this dude is just so good at this! 😄

        The pleasures all mine buddy! 😙✌

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      16. Oh god…do i deserve so much affection!! Im so overwhelmed 😊😊 you are making me conscious of what i write now!! 😁😊 It’s the other way round for me as i keep reading your comments which sometimes say so much in so few words (best example is this one only!) and fill me with so much happiness! Thank you!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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  2. The imagery you created was phenomenal. The rocks and the written and meeting the ones he knew and then the heartbreak and finding his own space in the ditches of misery! Wow..

    “His eyes full of tears, body full of pain, he sees fire in the sky of HELL.” This conclusion is Abso-freaking lutely on point!

    May I ask.. are you a muslim? This is the exact description of suicide in Quran.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ummm I didn’t know about the description in Quran actually. It just came in my mind and that’s a coincidence that it is similar to the details in Quran. I’m a Hindu.
      And now you made me think how weird is that the writer who gave the description thought exactly like I did!😂 scary thoughts though😱 I don’t know anything about Quran my God I’m scared😨

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  3. ‘his long journey ends’ …. but has it really?
    Wow, good job. This post really transports the reader in imagination, reflection, and feeling. It reminded me of Dante, except you labeled everyone with the rocks. Which is nice for a reader that doesn’t know all the back stories.

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    1. If you scroll through the comments….you’ll see 2 more amazing bloggers said that this reminded them of Dante and said Dante would be proud of it! Do my little writing really deserve this much? I’m just so glad that I could depict all the incident in readers mind….thanks for giving your precious feedback…..❤
      And yes…..the journey never ends, so do the pain, that’s the irony of my writing, you got it!👏

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