Pat my head

I haven’t seen
Such a beautiful soul before
A soul so bright, so charming
I got niggling thoughts that
I’d fall for the shine.

You’ve imprisoned my heart
In the cage of love
I never thought, I’d ever wish
That the key of my cage
Gets lost in the deepest ocean.

I know you care, unless
You’d never touch my forehead
When I caught a fever
But the fever my soul suffers from
You couldn’t sense that warmth.

You like the way I am 
The reason I love you 
To the moon and back 
But you didn’t intend to love
You didn’t intend to weaken my heart.

And my predicted fear 
Turned into reality 
As you didn’t ever think 
To make me your sweetheart 
I suffer from one-sided love.

We’re here for the last time 
And I’m on my knees 
So pat my head gently 
As long as you can 
While I cry a river. 

Wait, there’s more poems written by this 20 year old bipolar😇😈, check out:-


30 thoughts on “Pat my head

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      1. Thank you, dear Tapasi 🙂

        I have one question: When nominating nominees do I have to inform them all or is this done automatically?
        It’s now online under my menu-point “Awards”
        Have a nice evening, dear friend


      2. WordPress app haven’t given the option to automatically inform everybody yet. I also had to inform the nominees one by one. Quite tiring😟
        I’m gonna check it right away✌
        Have a nice day Didi😊💛

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  1. “there’s more poems written by this 20 year old bipolar, ”
    Never limit yourself by a label! You are so much more than any affliction. But if you are going to limit yourself by labels, you might as well go all out with multiple personalities. You’ll have more options that way. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your best on my page!


  2. Ur 20 year old bipolar self is producing some nice reads tapasi. They say unrequited love is the purest form of love ..I’m not sure exactly why..but probably cos such love never get the chance to be soiled by whatever relationships usually get fucked up’s the sense of innocence within ur lines that made it so beautiful to read..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an honor to have your comment bro. I love your writings and to have your precious comment is an amazing thing for me. Sorry for late reply I didn’t check the spam. Thanks a lot bro….I’m gonna treasure it😊

      Liked by 1 person

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