My princesses 

It’s only after 12am

When my “Sad” princess wakes up

And reminiscences about

My failure moments

My humiliations

My little lost happinesses

My huge scorn sadnesses

My inability to purchase luxury

My hatred to that bitch

My jealousy to that bitch

My desperate longing for the man

Whom that bitch is snatching.

Tears drop down the cheeks

Of my “Sad” princess

Tired of reminding my depressed, stressed, possessive, jealous life

My princess rests her face on the wet pillow.

It’s only after 6am

When my “Sad” princess goes to sleep

And my “Happy” princess

Kisses the tear-stained cheeks

Caresses the frizzy hair

And whispers in the ears of the “sleeping beauty”

“You’ve done a great job yester night, now take a good rest, it’s my turn now”


22 thoughts on “My princesses 

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  1. Amazing!! The way it depicted the two sides- one which the world sees and one which is hidden from everyone! 👌👌 And the interaction between them! How they survive together! How inner turmoil keeps a person always grappling with the two sides – sometimes consoling, sometimes cajoling, sometimes motivating and sometimes chiding – eternal struggle! Nicely written! 👍👍

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  2. Wow! Bipolar described at its best.. happiness and sadness as two princesses! One sleeps when another awakens!

    How do you even think of such amazing stuff with your 20 year old brain? 😒👌

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    1. Haha….I told you I’ve a state near to bipolar….hey, do you suspect that I may not be 20 years old? Actually I’m gonna complete my 20 years on September this year.✌
      I wonder how old you are!!!😮

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    1. Thanks for the blessings…and ofcourse come back soon….cause I want you to my those 3 posts which got most hits among all my blogs…”roads”, “mirror”, “the dark journey”. Make sure to check them out and give your feedbacks, I wanna treasure them!!!😊💙

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I known what you mean about treasuring posts. Sometimes they feel like my babies (eek – that sounds weird).
        I’ll be sure to check them out at some point. Not now – I need to brush my teeth. 😉

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  3. Everybody has two halves it seems..I had not thought of it that way until I read this thought provoking piece of poetry. Necessity of each is so masterfully discussed in this poem. And the idea is old yet somehow u have made it so refreshing. Really enjoyed reading it.

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    1. Thanks a lot bro. I didn’t thought this simple writing would let you write all these things. It’s my pleasure😊💙. And sorry for late reply…I didn’t check the spam😜

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      1. That’s not my fault bro….not my fault….even when you drop comments….the notifications don’t come to me….only the notification for your likes come….and so I’ve to check my post again for your reply or something….this wordpress sucks

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