Honey bee

Oh my sweet little worker bee

How hard-working you are!
How skillfully you maintain all over the hive!
How beautifully you manage all your responsibilities!

     Oh my sweet little worker bee       How much collaboration you show with your partners!
How much patient you be to your work!
How much dedicated you are to this hive!

Oh my sweet little worker bee
How much you adore your friend, the “Queen bee”!
How much you take care of her, feed her, protect her!
How much you want to keep this friendship forever!

My sweet little worker bee
Have you understood now
That you’ve been used all this time
By your forever friend?

Have you understood now
That she makes you do everything she wants you to
With her chemical “Queen” powers
But you take it as sweetly as honey?

Have you understood now
That you’re not that forever friend to her
But just like the other workers
Whom she uses the same way?

Yes, you’ve got it
You know now, that she rules on you
And now you don’t want to be
In the sweet “honey” trap!

Yes, you don’t adore her anymore
As she snatches all the drones to herself
With her pheromone powers
She snatches your drone “honey” too.

Yes, you hate her like no other
As you see from the hive
That she flies up in the sky, drawing all the drones to her
Including your “honey”.

But why, I know you always ask it to yourself
You do a lot for your darling drone everyday
Without you, he actually couldn’t survive
But he finds lack of “beauty” in yourself.

But you still take patience
Cause you know
No beauty exists forever
And so the Queen’s pheromones.

And one day, you will eat up the Queen
When she’ll have no beauty anymore
But you’ll never get your “honey” back
Cause another Queen will come
To rule
To snatch the drones
To play with your loyalty again
To trap you in this “Sweet honey” again.

You’ll always remain an ignorant little worker bee.



24 thoughts on “Honey bee

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  1. This is one of the best example of English poetry which is written in a way to hook the reader to it (like a thriller), transform imagination to another level (like an engrossing novel) and let the heart beat, bleed and eyes go moist (like a tragic movie climax)….it grows on you as you read it and makes you want to read it again…. simply brilliant!! 👏 I loved the way you used the word ‘honey’ throughout! It was very skillfully done! …i was thinking about all the hives and bees i have seen while reading this and imagined actually talking to the worker bees via this poetry! And it’s so relatable to the human traits as well the way workers are treated. Totally enamoured of your poem! When it was about to finish i never wanted it to finish!!!! Brilliant work indeed! Keep it up! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it did!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and munched on it greedily! I get more drawn towards the emotions of hindi ones as compared to english! But this one was written with such a thought and had a soul in it that it really made me read it multiple times (infact i went back and read it again after commenting!🤓) The conversation with the worker bee is not going to leave my mind anytime soon now 😊 write a part-2?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ummm may be not….I actually wrote a poem on the bees and what I described actually happens in the hives in a continuous never-ending cycle. There’s no other story….but glad that it made you want another part of it. Actually that’s what a writer aims for, to write something that after reading it readers want more!!!…..thanks Sifar. You’re an amazing reader who gives me a lot of enthusiasm to write. Much love😊💛


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