​As my fondness became the poisonous sea

Standing by the shore now frighten thee
And as you flee
From my flames that will burn you
My demon laughs and promises to harm you.

My dry eyes now bring tears on yours
My ugly scars cause to deadly bleed yours
I am living now after the delightful death
You’re feeling the pain of living at each breath.

Cause your mask dropped down
While you were alone on the stage
My invincible rage
My elastic heart
My unforgiving soul
Is silently taking the revenge.


25 thoughts on “Revenge

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    1. “You have serious talent”….this thing made me cry😭…cause all these years I was unproductive and thought I am The most talentless girl in this world. I’m gonna treasure this comment! Thank you so much💜


  1. Wow….this was so powerful!! Such authority and i could feel the satisfaction of that revenge well-taken on those who deserved it!! 😏 …. Loved the comparisons made throughout…could feel the imaginary and the anger and rage hidden in them! You are blossoming now as a master writer!! One who has excellent command on her writings and can sway readers effortlessly by the sheer power of words and imagination!! This was a classy piece of writing! Absolutely loved it!! And yes before I forget….that image!!! How did you get it!! It was such a perfect choice for this! Amplified everything!! Great one!! 👌👍👏

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    1. I wrote this when some of my friends put blame on me about the deed that I had no idea. It was intolerable. I had entered into a serious depression cause I loved them too much and I never expected such betrayal from them. All those hatred is written in this poem. Thanks a lot✌

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      1. Oh…did it happen recently?!! I hate this when someone does something like this without knowing the full truth…that too someone near and dear…. feeling so bad right now….it becomes worse when this happens with an emotional person…but hope this made you stronger as such things will keep happening in life and you should not let these affect you….dont let anyone become responsible for your own happiness or rather reason for your sadness…and best revenge is staying happy and healthy and immune to what anyone says 😏 i know it’s difficult for emotional beings but better to tune ourselves now than get hurt later. Dont have much expectation from anyone (i know it builds up automatically overtime but with such incidences it will also slow down). Feeling sad that you ended up so depressed due to all this. It was your loss eventually due to those so-called friends….good you let it out here atleast…hopefully you are over it now and stronger than before! Let it go now.. this 👊 is for those who gave you pain…

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      2. This pain gave me the ultimate strength to face this world. I don’t think I’m that much weak and emotional before. Sometimes, these things need to be happened in life to become mature. I’m fine now, thanks heaps✌

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  2. Thank God you are fine now!! Yes agreed…these pains make us stronger! And we should also believe that things happen for good! Like in this case you got to know the real ‘friend’! So shouldn’t take things to our heart…be a little selfish for your own good! 😊

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