Imagination #2: Cherry blossom petal

As a beautiful cool breeze poked us softly

Me and my sisters let go of our hands

And fly away with the flow

As far as our souls want to go.

As I was floating on air

I met a lot of strangers

One among them caught my sight

His pinkish glow was soothing and bright.

At dusk, in the park, sun leaves her darling sky

Intense kisses, and sky blushes red and orange

He rests on the bench, post lights often blink

Beside him I’m melting, blushing shades of pink.

Morning breeze comes back, we fly again

Shimmering stars helped me to make him friends

We laugh, we smile, he says, “Get lost with me”

I say, “Looks like I’ve got your heart’s key”.

What is this crowd for, on our playground?

Eating, drinking, singing, making noise

Where did he go? He promised me to stay!

His pinkish shine can’t be seen far away.

The post lamps make a silhouette

The sadness it holds is not more than mine

As I found him on the ground wounded

Dirty, muddy, his sobbing was painful sounded.

He said he fell into a glass of champagne

They threw him away and walked over him

Kissing him I said, “I’ll stay, my love would never shrink”

Behind the dirt, his cheeks blushed cheery blossom pink.

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28 thoughts on “Imagination #2: Cherry blossom petal

Add yours

    1. Thanks orange tart💙…keeping faith on myself and with the love of writing…I finally decided to write about love…again.
      Cause you said I’m good in this topic😀….thanks love💙🌹

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  1. This is a different style of writing of yours! And a different topic exploring emotions of love!! Liked it … Reading through it felt like the author has really penned down the imaginations so well as to take readers too on this flight…😊…but sad ending! Kind of falling back to your dark themes (which btw i love more as they are more relatable for me 😁) Why was he hurt??!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was a cherry blossom petal and suddenly he fell into a glass of champagne of a person who probably went there for picnic…you know, cherry blossom places are very much preferred for picnic specially in Japan. So they threw the petal out, he was on the ground and people walked over him. Naturally he’d be hurt, but his lady love will still be with him though he’s now muddy, dirty and a little shredded.
      Sometimes my thoughts tires myself up😥

      Liked by 2 people

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