Submerged in the darkest fumes

The most ominous rockabye hums

Boom! The cyanide bombs blast

Turns into dust

Day after day lug within the brain.

Shame, locked into the homely hell

Hate, shattered as the darkness fell

Lost, in the painful dreams, well

One last suicide attempt

And the soul is free.

As you see, each effort when they try to flee

Is a failure that condenses the poisonous sea

Stronger, they wander with a dull glee

Louder, they don’t set the saddest whispers free

Hush, the pandemonium can engulf thee.

© Tapasi 2017



44 thoughts on “Pandemonium

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      1. What made you think that you said something wrong?…you said it’s dark, and it really was. That’s what I wanted to know from reader😌
        Chill dude…and thanks again✌


  1. The long time spent between my last comment and this one was spent in reading and feeling this gem!! Omg…wowww….just wowwww…superbbb!! Such creativity!…such imagination!!..and somewhere deep inside your heart the lurking pain!!!
    The first two lines literally gave me goosebumps…and the next part was so brilliant….cant tell how much i liked each line… every single one of them!! Amazing! Beautiful..didnt want it to end…wish you had added more an explanation of the thoughts behind each line…that would have been like icing on the cake…but i know that would have taken a lot time so im content with the cake itself! 😁 Amazing! You are amazing!! I could feel this darkness and the attempt to free oneself…great composition! Impressed beyond words..what a start to my day!! … and i think i went overboard again 🙈..even after deleting so many lines to control!! 🙈
    PS: i love your command over the language and how well you put it to use! 👍

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    1. Pandemonium was the ultimate vomiting up of my depression. After writing it down, I thought it was way too dark. I was thinking to lighten it up a little, but then I thought it was all I had in my mind and I’m not gonna impure the raw element. I’m so glad to know that you liked it this much. Probably it was the best among all of my posts to you cause I could feel how overwhelmed you became after reading this. Thank you Sifar-difar 💜
      PS: after writing it down, all my depressions were gone and I came back to my normal mental state. So pandemonium is my secret gem too.

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      1. I loved it! And yes it was the best!! Good you didnt dilute it to make it lighter…i have observed after writing everything that is gnawing at heart it makes one feel light…it happens with me so i can understand why you must have felt normal after it!

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      2. I’m fine now. But my life is quite destined to be filled with depressions. So making all poems based on them. Little afraid that viewers would think I’m leaning on only one category but you know nah that this gives me pleasure 😥

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      3. Oh no… this makes me sad to hear it! Why a sweet person like you had to suffer all this!! 😔😔😔 I still have hope that one day your destiny will change for good!! I really hope!!
        Well it’s good to let it out via writings…dont worry..your viewers will love the way you are! It’s how you are…and our writings are inspired by what we are going cant help it but good to let it out!! It will give you pleasure! And more importantly keep things in check!
        Maybe keep yourself more occupied…that will help you.
        All this past month i was so much busy with getting things done and settling down that i didnt feel depressed….and finally today when everything is done and im free, im starting to feel depressed again! So that’s how it should keep yourself busy …

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      4. There is a separate language for witches?!!!!! 😱😱 Seriously? I never knew! I thought they spoke English!! 😬 Well let me google and find…i will also learn it …sounds cool 😎
        Yes i do write more when depressed…but that stuff cant be shared on wp 😁
        Oh thanks for being there!!! Thanks a lot!!!! 😊😊 🤗🤗🤗…means so much!!

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  2. I love this, it’s intense and expresses the feelings. I read it more than 5 times and each time i read it, I’m more astonished at your way of playing with words and expressing how you feel.

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    1. Pandemonium is my pride. I feel a damn good pleasure everytime I read pandemonium, which is written by me. Now that’s crazy, but I think I like it cause its made of my own feelings. It’s really a pleasure knowing that you read it more than 5 times! That’s a big big honor for me. Much love💜


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