Imagination #3: Horizon

Dusk is when sun has to bid goodbyes

Abandoned in the dry sands a starfish dies

Wearied of seeking, still a lost pelican flies

Painted sky resembles your honey eyes.

Dear, living in my heart for a year or two

You can feel my soul is becoming as blue

As the ocean, unhappy tides have the clue

Foams of my secret love shines for you.

That unbreakable fine line between us

Is a curse for me

That invisible wall separating us

Mourns the heart of me.

Sweetheart, where our souls touch

But can not penetrate

Horizon, is the boundary

Where our hearts have silently died.

Darling, in agony I think

Is this where our love should meet?

Darling, in despair I think

Is this where our love should leave?

© Tapasi 2017

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28 thoughts on “Imagination #3: Horizon

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  1. 3rd and 4th paras very deeply touched upon that pain of unfulfilled love separated by boundaries…pain is the constant undercurrent throughout…could feel the emotions behind these lines…sad and painful but beautifully depicted!!

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