Dedicated with love and sadness

As the path of my love ceases

I walk away over the evening dew

My heart is shattered into pieces

And my poems are all about you.

My sojourn in your heart was

For a fortnight and a day more

You’ll be there for decades cause

You were my dawn of love for sure.

I’d sabotage my heart with the knife

Of hate, from hell I once theft

So all would be defeated in this life

To be in the lacuna that you left.

You were the angel with the wings

Of happiness, I lived with this belief

I’m screaming with the pain of your stings

And now imprisoned in the cage of grief.

Dedicated to someone who’d never read this poem…probably dedicated for the last time.

© Tapasi 2017


42 thoughts on “Dedicated with love and sadness

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    1. He doesn’t even know I’m a blogger. Even if he ever comes to know, he’ll not understand that this is written for him.☺….thanks dude, I thought it’s way too simple but you’re saying it’s irresistable!!! ✌

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      1. It sure is at least for me . Who knows there may be some other “he” waiting for you somewhere and when that time comes you won’t need another poem coz this suffices every aspect of desire you feel for your loved ones

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    1. I believe this fact now😛…though he’s great, successful in life, loyal and mature….I finally felt that he’s not that one I really one, I want someone as crazy as I am….so I’ll be out of the cage of grief in a few day✌. Thanks mommy hen, your words always heal me❤

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      1. Hehe….life changes so soon and the mind also….can be changed in only one second, for one single reason….nothing is permanent. I’m relieved that I won’t be depressed anymore about not having him. He would be blessed if he had me😉😎…not me✌

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  1. I too left writing for ‘she’ because I realized that writing can only heal the writer not the reader….
    Even if she ever read my posts I don’t think that she took them seriously.. 😂😂
    Anyways Its always a pleasure to read your posts… 🙂

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    1. Why be sad and write down all those feeling about him/her when the person doesn’t really care?…we better use our talent to make other jewels. It’s the end for me….I’m glad that you’ve got the end too. I’ll still make love poems afterwards but it’d never be about him anymore.
      Ps: he’s so stupid that even if he sees this, he won’t understand that it’s for him😒…he’s not worthy of reading this😤

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  2. This poem was really moving. Knowing it all, it took me to the place where you stand, made me feel things deeply like you do.
    Loved the poem T! 💙

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  3. I could feel all the emotions here and it’s sad he will not even get to read this…but that’s life…you got to move on!! To someone better who deserves you!!
    But as always, this poem was drenched in unrequited love and written beautifully!!!

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    1. Thanks Sifar-difar. …it always feels nice when you say “I could feel”….cause most of the people just can’t understand my insane brain…haha
      Though he won’t read the poem but he truly knows my feelings, though he won’t say yes but he appreciates it and never let’s me down….he’s such a sweetheart. Also, I’ve started believing on temporary crushes😉hehe…much love ❤

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