You travel through the way to your school, office, parks, malls everyday and come across many unknown people, how much of them do you remember? next time you’re out of your home and surrounded by strangers, read their faces. One among hundreds would seem a little different. Not every time you can find such persons, but maybe one in a few weeks. His/her face expressions, the numb face would tell you a lot of  untold fears. Those fears are not like yours, not like mine, one in hundreds, something so different, so creepy; just one look to that face which can give you chills to your spine. They are different, they are fearsome, they are psycho…

Millions of voices

Screaming in my head

I’m always followed by

Shadows of the dead.

Each demon in the world

Buying for me a wreath

A pit viper around my neck

Is killing my frozen breath.

Games of dark riddles

They throw a coin to toss

A witch chants the spell

For me to have the loss.

Heart shaped little ice

Looks so pretty in red

Paint ‘em with warm blood

Countdown is ‘bout to end.

Deep echoes in that room

Always call my name

Silence among the chaos

Psycho, the sweetest blame.

With my scrambled darkness

I’ll make a fairy tale

Snow-white in her eternal sleep

Her face so deadly pale.

© Tapasi 2017



48 thoughts on “Psycho

Add yours

    1. Hehe….to me a psycho always imagines something dangerous, I just got this imagination. ..
      Umm, does that proof I’m a psycho?😂😂😂😂😂ofcourse it does. Thanks a lot and I’ll surely check out the magazine✌

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It feels good to see you come back here. I myself enjoyed writing this poem, looks like my skill is shining more brightly😏
      😂😂😂too much pride is not good for health. Thanks my orange tart❤


    1. Ah! Your comment just made my day!😁 I’m too emotional right now 😢 never thought someone would appreciate this writing thisssss much😀

      Much love💗💗💗


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