​In the previous night
I had rushed through moonlit roads
I’ve torn off the map
And I’ll never come back to home.
My heart was craving for months to
Gallop towards the abandoned woodland
At the darkest corner of the city
As my insomniac nights could end up
On the warm bed of the dry leaves.
The spectrums of sunrays
That penetrate through the mysteriously peaceful trees
Can make a pretty picturesque of a life
Which had only the color grey
And this place is so effervescent
But still I find something dying
The flowers of a bouquet lying down on the ground are withering
And there a bride runs far away
And as she takes off her veil
She feels so free
And so am I
Cause being lost in nothingness
Is better than being amidst dead shadows.

© Tapasi 2017


40 thoughts on “Lost

Add yours

    1. Hehe….don’t wanna come back home so the map is unnecessary. Far away only an abandoned forest has that environment in which I wanna live forever….without any love, without any hate☺
      Thank you so much for checking this out and commenting. I wait for your comments whenever I post something…your comment makes me happy💛


    1. Hehe…..dear, you didn’t mention my name in the nominees but mentioned where you said which bloggers you think are awesome😀…..that gave me lot of pleasure. Anyways….thanks heaps and much love💗💗💗

      Liked by 1 person

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