Out of the boundaries

And far from the horizon

I’m exploring

My love, my hatred

My happiness, my pains

My shimmer, my darkness

I’m not an enigma anymore.

But alas,

You can’t break boundaries

And you can’t reach horizon

You can’t hear my spelled melodies

You can’t see my death dance

You can’t feel me breathing

The fragrance and smoke

You can’t feel me swallowing

The poisons and antidotes

And alas,

You only see the “me”

Which is not the “me”.


I’m not an enigma anymore

I’m not so cold, so sore

I let myself explore

My love, my hatred

My happiness, my pains

My shimmer, my darkness

Not today, I’m gonna fall

But I’m gonna loss

All my powers that have stopped me

From blasting off.

So this is the day

Before it’s too late

Wash off your foggy eyes

I please thee

Cause dear

Only then you can see

The brightest incandescence

In my heart.

© Tapasi 2017



29 thoughts on “Incandescence

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  1. That desperate and frustrating feeling….of living a life which makes people see the ‘you’ which is not the true ‘you’ …you analyze your feelings and emotions and explore yourself…and you can finally understand yourself but unfortunately the other person does not still….and how you wish to be understood….and wish that person can get rid of the block which is stopping his view and stop looking at you via a glass of adulterated thoughts…but look at the inner you which is full of life and will even light up his life!

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