Darker nights, wilder winds
Of bizzare whereabouts
Thump onto the glass windows
Until her artist awakes.
Paint soaked brushes
White canvases
Stinking clots of bewildered thoughts
Blackened corpse of dead remorse
Cry until her artist awakes.

Malignancy of agonising fear
Her cringed figure and confusing chuckles
Sticky lips smelling intimidating beer
Electric sensation through her sore knuckles
Polychrome palettes, monochrome heart
Humming the lyrics of diabolic curses
Mutilate the healing stitches, restart the past
Do not cease until she completes her portraits.

Pic source: Pinterest 😀


44 thoughts on “Portraits

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  1. I’d like to register but before than may I know about sharing contents on yours site? I mean it asks for entering username, Full name, password, may I know how it does work?


  2. Such a well-polished presentation hiding inside it an intricate work of art!! Each line is in itself a deep ocean! Reader gets sucked in an alternate world!! All those nuances and playing with vocabulary is brilliant!! I loved the lines “Malignancy of agonising fear”, “Polychrome palettes, monochrome heart” and “Mutilate the healing stitches, restart the past” the most! It’s shorter than your usual work but it doesn’t lose any impact. Infact it’s more intriguing and impactful and as usual makes me wonder…from where is this all coming!! (I know the 21 year old brain..before you say it)…but still…how!!!! 🤔🤔😃😃 It’s beautiful and dark and a myriad of different emotions!! Do give more details behind the writer’s thoughts..would love to know the finer print of the author’s mind.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It’s more than Wow! . Your poem leave me spellbound.👌
    The choice of words is just perfect . Intense thought👍

    Polychrome palettes, monochrome heart
    Humming the lyrics of diabolic curses
    Mutilate the healing stitches, restart the past
    I loved these lines.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow I didn’t think you’d like it this much 😀 I’m really very thankful for it!!! It means a lot to me!!!

      I hope you’re doing fine in life, much love dear❤


    1. Haha maybe if you read it 2-3 times you’d understand, you’ve that poetic mind to understand things this much complex. Still if you can’t, its ok, I appreciate that you checked out this post 😀

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