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I've been in the darkest cave for years embracing tightly all my dark secrets. One day I saw the sun rays. I found the path of freedom and that's how  reached here. Now my secrets shimmer like glitters. I'm here to sprinkle my hidden glitters over you all.

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- How do you feel? Asked a voice from behind. No, not behind, this feminine voice was coming from nowhere. I kept searching for her but it was almost impossible in the pitch black darkness. Again, she asked... - How do you feel? "Who are you?"- I asked, with a trembling voice, waiting for the... Continue Reading →


There is always a pain lurking inside my chest when my words try to orient themselves to explain how much I miss you. Though it is not as much pain as to when I try to say how much I love you. But keeping it within is what makes me feel out of breath. Not... Continue Reading →


The hushed night hold me tight my whimpers get lost in the moist pillow, trespassing winds feel pity for I have been living tied up with your pinkie finger lately you are my baby pink dreams in my ocean blue eyes my beautiful lies, like stars in the darkest skies your sugar lips make pattern... Continue Reading →


Supposedly she has lost herself In this haze of desolation She is adept at cutting herself Into pretty trashy dirty pieces Into pretty stinky unwanted pieces She is now awfully adorned Lonely, dark, beautiful Her sky has lost the moon And she loses her quasi-royalty When she gives back her crooked crown She soaks her... Continue Reading →


I inhale fog and smoke Like a dying addict Forcing it to invade My lungs, deeper Until nothing makes Sense to me Like the cocaine fume. It's been a while Since I no longer try To hear the crooked screams The insane songs, I'm floating on the waves Of everything unknown. The music of piano... Continue Reading →

What makes me

Illusions when become the favorite kind of entertainment The repeatedly played list of songs sound like the last thing you said The last sip of my coffee was cold and bitter I'm so sorry that I'm comparing you with everything And its just the last traces of you Like those little stains of pomegranate on... Continue Reading →

I woke up!

The gleaming rays interrupted my comforting unconscious state. What I hated about it the most was its warmth that intimidated the coldness of my skin. As I opened my eyes, the mist around me was slowly removed with a familiar tune from afar that faded away. I remembered... Love, didn't we promise each other that... Continue Reading →

Happy pills

As the synthetic chemicals of those so called anti-depressants started to diffuse into my warm blood and its mysterious coldness spread over my heated nerve fibres, the lachrymose infant inside me calmed down. With my pinky eyes which felt like burning, I looked at my bottle of happy pills. As they helped keeping my destructive... Continue Reading →

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