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I've been in the darkest cave for years embracing tightly all my dark secrets. One day I saw the sun rays. I found the path of freedom and that's how  reached here. Now my secrets shimmer like glitters. I'm here to sprinkle my hidden glitters over you all.

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Everyone out there is too much busy. Yeah, right now, all are busy in filling their own colour books. I'm busy too. I've filled near about, umm, 365×20= 7300 pages of my colour book, how many pages have you filled till now? Today I thought of keeping the colour filling work at pending for sometime... Continue Reading →


Something is wrong With my clock Its hands reverse After 12 o’clock. It’s show time! The broadcaster is abusive Thousand times he replayed My tonight’s sedative. Way to go back Lucifer is my host The road ahead is dark And my nightingale is lost. Need a hand to hold And some love to borrow Stuck... Continue Reading →


The sudden sound of thunderstorms startled me. Staring outside of the window and gazing at the dark clouds gathering, it took me several minutes to understand where I was... Some moments before I was cradled into his arms. Cuddling felt better than anything. His warmth was my greed. He giggled and said, "You're too clingy"... Continue Reading →


Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others. I was just studying about "dark web" on Internet where I found a screenshot of a dark website and its bio was the phrase. Basically dark websites are the illegal websites which are very hard to browse. All you can find... Continue Reading →


Last night I spent Counting the number of Failed attempts to fall asleep Running through the labyrinth Of thoughts too deep Gazing the dark mountains To climb on, too steep Depressed All the sins committed I need to keep Secret. Have you ever felt like Drowning, unable to breathe Something is hurting you Underneath Listening... Continue Reading →

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