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I've been in the darkest cave for years embracing tightly all my dark secrets. One day I saw the sun rays. I found the path of freedom and that's how  reached here. Now my secrets shimmer like glitters. I'm here to sprinkle my hidden glitters over you all.

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Out of the boundaries And far from the horizon I’m exploring My love, my hatred My happiness, my pains My shimmer, my darkness I’m not an enigma anymore. But alas, You can’t break boundaries And you can’t reach horizon You can’t hear my spelled melodies You can’t see my death dance You can’t feel me... Continue Reading →


She is the Queen Of the demolished kingdom She is the Queen Amid the witches and phantom. She is the Queen Defeated but survived She is the Queen Left alone and deprived. She is the Queen Who has lost her crown She is the Queen Only the scar she does own. But she is the... Continue Reading →

Just another morning

The alarm clock breaks the silence, finally, morning. A new day, a new beginning. The air smells sweet, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing the morning song......oh, come on, this isn't fairy tale, it's reality. Buildings and factories, cars and traffic, chaos and black smoke....this is all one can imagine even as an... Continue Reading →


​In the previous night I had rushed through moonlit roads I've torn off the map And I'll never come back to home. My heart was craving for months to Gallop towards the abandoned woodland At the darkest corner of the city As my insomniac nights could end up On the warm bed of the dry... Continue Reading →


Lying among the roses and thorns They kiss and hurt so sweet My little harbinger bird mourns Though I told him to cheerfully tweet. Evanescent dreams like shooting stars  Fills my eyes like never before Raindrops shower over my scars  To lessen my pain as they adore. Butterflies whisper in my ear The dalliance of... Continue Reading →


You travel through the way to your school, office, parks, malls everyday and come across many unknown people, how much of them do you remember? next time you're out of your home and surrounded by strangers, read their faces. One among hundreds would seem a little different. Not every time you can find such persons,... Continue Reading →

Feel me

If you're seeking for a withering flower among today morning's blooming garden If you're looking for a black unwanted spot in the colorful rainbow after this year's first rain Feel me. Feel, when I'm hushed, my words got lost into the darkest void as the rushed. Feel, when I'm sullen, they once loved my smile,... Continue Reading →

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