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I've been in the darkest cave for years embracing tightly all my dark secrets. One day I saw the sun rays. I found the path of freedom and that's how  reached here. Now my secrets shimmer like glitters. I'm here to sprinkle my hidden glitters over you all.

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I woke up!

The gleaming rays interrupted my comforting unconscious state. What I hated about it the most was its warmth that intimidated the coldness of my skin. As I opened my eyes, the mist around me was slowly removed with a familiar tune from afar that faded away. I remembered... Love, didn't we promise each other that... Continue Reading →

Happy pills

As the synthetic chemicals of those so called anti-depressants started to diffuse into my warm blood and its mysterious coldness spread over my heated nerve fibres, the lachrymose infant inside me calmed down. With my pinky eyes which felt like burning, I looked at my bottle of happy pills. As they helped keeping my destructive... Continue Reading →

Dear brother

Dear brother, It's been 16 years with you, it's the first time I'm writing about you. I know what else I'm going to write down on this page is mostly not unknown to you, I'm not writing with this intention to let anybody know either, but I'm writing it down because I've been collecting all... Continue Reading →


Behind my concrete walls There's no more silent nights This awfully beautiful bond Between claustrophilia and paranoia Making love, losing sanity Giving birth to my significant chaos. Significant enough, loud enough Whispers to them But bursting my eardrums Radiation of darkness Mutilating my two irises Still I'm encircled by What's not meant to be heard... Continue Reading →


Darker nights, wilder winds Of bizzare whereabouts Thump onto the glass windows Until her artist awakes. Paint soaked brushes White canvases Stinking clots of bewildered thoughts Blackened corpse of dead remorse Cry until her artist awakes. Malignancy of agonising fear Her cringed figure and confusing chuckles Sticky lips smelling intimidating beer Electric sensation through her... Continue Reading →


He said, "Love is a myth" After reading all her poems She named Blithe Paled became her hues As he was about to bid adieu. She cried, afraid She was no more in his gaze Is this pain she deserves For making him her blaze? How'd she write poems in this darkness? He unties her... Continue Reading →

Lucid dreams

When the comfortness of cold drizzle enhanced the numbness of my mind slowly sinking into oblivion, I didn't know if you were there to hold the umbrella over me or to get soaked with those sad droplets with me. I was just glad to see you there under the same grey sky. And when the... Continue Reading →

Lullaby of waves

She gazed at the horizon as the darkness was slowly erasing the blazes of the sun. A little whimper came out of her lips as the silence took her into its depth where she couldn't deny its entity and strength. She could think about nothing but a song her mom used to sing her to... Continue Reading →

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